A business trip to Germany for conferences and exhibitions requires a specialist. It is mostly quite difficult and time-consuming to provide all stages of accommodation, meals and the event itself.  Our specialists will help you to quickly organize a conference room in accordance to your wishes. You will save time, effort, and in addition to business meetings you may devote time to visiting cultural attractions in Germany.


Rent a conference room

Reservations of conference rooms of various sizes in Germany allow to host exhibitions, business meetings, group seminars and other events. The service covers seating options, kitchen types for breaks, as well as drinks and functional materials.


Why book meeting rooms in Hannover?


- Convenient location and colorful views from the window;

- Rooms/ halls of various sizes and comfortable seating for participants;

- Providing the full package of necessary materials for the event;

- Organization of catering and additional services;

- High-quality service at the highest level.

By giving the task to experts, you will get the maximum comfort, due to which the productivity and success of business meetings increases significantly.


Catering service

Catering for corporate events is a necessary element, which is essential during meetings, conferences, exhibitions, (...). Delicious dishes and drinks provided by professional cooks of nominated catering companies will take care of the client and ensure a successful meeting.


The client can create his own menu, depending on the preferences of the invited group of people, including not only fingerfood, but also full dishes. The best catering companies will implement the ideas and realize the wishes of the organizer. The client only has to enjoy the result while all the nuances are handled by the catering company.


Additional services

Renting conference rooms in Hannover, Dusseldorf, Munich, Cologne, Frankfurt or Nuremburg is not the last stage of event organization. It is also important to arrange all the services, such as transfers and accommodations. We are not only involved in organizing rooms for events, but also in the arrangement of hotels and apartments for you, your group and your guests.


Do you want to organize a professional workshop, a business meeting, an exhibition or a conference with your business partners? Renting a suitable conference room and organizing catering in Germany is the best option!


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