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In major business centres of international importance: Dusseldorf and Hanover, Munich and Frankfurt, business fairs are held at least several times a month. At such events, a translator in Germany is usually required for many participants who do not speak a foreign language.

A translator is needed for the exhibition - our company will provide you the best ones.

For clients who come to Germany to work at exhibitions, the company will provide uninterrupted language support in negotiations with business partners from different countries. Our interpreter in Hanover will introduce you to the exhibition centre of this city. He will explain in detail where the stands of the necessary organizations are located. A stand-interpreter will assist you in setting up an exhibition program.

All our partners are professionals with an excellent knowledge of German, Russian and English. Wherever negotiations are held, a German interpreter will make it easier for people with different mentality to understand each other and help them to find a common language.

Choose the right translator for your specialisation

The interpreters visit not only exhibitions, but also industrial enterprises and facilities under construction where a technical translation is required. They are essentially needed in institutions like:

  • clinics and hospitals, to translate medical appointments and documents; -
  • banks and financial companies, to solve economic issues; -
  • law and insurance companies, to review legal regulations.

In Hanover and across Germany, qualified specialists are required for:

  • general profiling; 
  • consistent translations;
  • synchronous translations.

A guide in Germany is required-We are at your service

For group travel and participation in exhibitions or conferences, a guide is required in Hanover and other German cities. An experienced tour guide in Germany will arrange transport services, as well as organize and conduct collective or personal programs. Excursion and tourist services are carried out qualitatively. The providing conditions for the client are beneficial and convenient.


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